Faithless Clanging: April 2019 Limited Edition of 100 dual cassette tapes. The collected works from Unusable Signal, Left Too Far Behind and Chasing the Form Edited to fit on the dual cassette format. Casual Acid Tea Recordings CAT016

Chasing The Form: 2007 Limited Edition Vinyl Release of Chasing the Form. Russian pressed 220 gram vinyl with hand screened cover. Edited to fit on the vinyl format. Exile on Mainstream Release.

Chasing The Form: 2006 CD Release of Chasing the Form. Third album and second for Exile On Mainstream: Its focus remarks a consequent development from the previous album and shows the band at the peak of their expressional stages. A truly ethereal orchestra of emotive sonics. EOM22

Left Too Far Behind: CD. This is their second album and the first one for Exile On Mainstream. It was released in early 2004 and claimed massive endorsement by fans and press around the world. Resonant atmospherics juxtapose a driving rain of space rokk tremulation. EOM14

Unusable Signal: 1998 Self Released CD. The origins of recorded ostinato with Bruce Falkinburg engineering. Contains Entwine and Jagganath (later released on Left Too Far Behind) along with six other rare tracks. Currently out of print.